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    1. ✿ Intuitive Blooms

    2. Tool list

    3. Part 1: Base of the Floral

    4. Part 2: Adding the center

    5. More Floral Inspiration + Early Bird Discount!

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About Me

Alcohol Ink Artist Anne Roos Smink

Hi there! I am Anne Roos, an alcohol ink artist living in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. My own alcohol ink art journey began back in 2018, and I have been addicted since. I have helped over 1000 creatives from all over the world in improving their alcohol ink art skills. I know how frustrating the process can be in the beginning, so please know: Good things take time! I am here to guide you through this process and give you step-by-step demonstrations and a wealth of advice that will help you improve your techniques and get control over those inks. I get so much positive energy from making my inks flow around on paper and I hope I can bring some of that positive energy to you!